16 – 31 mach 2019

Randi Annie Strand




Book launch and exhibition opening, 16th March 2019 at 13:00

We look forward to presenting, 99/9 VESTERVIK, a new artist book by Randi Annie Strand as part of the PARK. project at LevArt. Written in Norwegian, the book is the main element of the exhibition telling the story of the artist’s upbringing on a small farm along the coast of Trøndelag. In the book, the artist presents a number of receipts from the years 1957 to 1960 accompanied by her own texts and family photographs. These receipts give an insight into the frugal management of the family’s household. “The remaining amount can wait till you come by”, one of the receipts reads. They evoke the word “economy” in its etymological sense of careful management of local resources and document transactions between people who often knew each other. The value of a product was measured in the amount of time and the quality of labour that went into production. Like many independent subsistence mixed farms of that time, this farm, with registered property number “99/9”, shut down in the mid-1970s. Today it lives on as an idyllic holiday resort in a landscape that is, without daily maintenance, increasingly overgrown. The book concludes with a text by the political scientist, Svenn Arne Lie, about the market-driven agricultural policies in Norway, today.

“99/9 VESTERVIK” is one among other ongoing and future projects at LevArt that focuses on the challenges of land use in the PARK.


Randi Annie Strand
For many years, Randi Annie Strand’s main expression has been the artist book. The sensory experience of the material, and the linguistic signs that arise in the encounter between text and image, have been a common theme in her work. Randi Annie Strand was born and raised in Ytre Namdal , but lives and works in Oslo. She has had many solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad, and her work has been acquired by the National Gallery and the KODE Art Museum among others. www.randistrand.no

Svenn Arne Lie
Svenn Arne Lie has been an advisor to “For the Welfare State” and the Socio-economic Unit of the Fagforbundet. Along with Espen Løkeland-Stai he wrote the book, “A Nation of Meat Hats: Nine Myths and a Lie About Norwegian Agricultural Policy ” (published by Manifest, 2015). He has been a journalist for Klassekampen, and his articles have been published in newspapers such as Nationen, Dag og Tid and Klassekampen.


The book is published as part of LevArt’s temporary publishing platform, LevArText http://levart.no/levartext/ and the ongoing site-specific project PARK.

The project is supported bt: Fritt Ord, Statens Utstillingsstipend, Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond and Kunstmuseet Nord-Trøndelag.