LevArText is a series of publications that simultaneously revisit and constitute the history and archives of LevArt, as well as expanding the research and activity of artists and other collaborators in another form. It is a temporary publishing project that addresses the broader context of books in art, as well as exploring text-based work as a means to elucidate a history of art production embedded in the strata of the local “kommune”.  Order the books by contacting us at levart@levanger.kommune.no.




At any Given Moment

Edvine Larssen

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This Is the Time
and This Is the Record of the Time

Kamilla Freyr

Manifest for det Gynesene
– Skisse til en ny geologisk æra

Alexandra Pirici og Raluca Voinea



contradictions-thumb hfa-en-all

Contradictions and Transformative
Trajectory of Art & Labor

Rena Rädle og Vladan Jeremić


Lisa Stålspets

A Home For Artists

Lisa Stålspets




Landscape #2

Carlos Alberto Correia


Vigdis Haugtrø and Margrethe Aas