The Norwegian Ideal State

(2017 – 2018)
Alt Går Bra



Foto: Alt Går Bra


The Norwegian Ideal State / Alt Går Bra
9th — 17th  June

Opening 9th June at 13.00
Place: LevArt, Kirkegata 11.

All events are free and open to the public.


How often do you get the opportunity to talk about your visions of an ideal society? The way society is organized is crucial to some of the most important aspects of our lives. Values that we as a society support or reject, form the basis of important decisions, like those concerning war and peace, distribution of wealth and sustainable development. The quality of education, healthcare and public transport, and how we work and live together are results of political struggles. In a democratic society, ideally everyone can take responsibility for how the community is organized. During “Kulturuka” or Cultural Week in Levanger, from June 9th-17th, the artist group Alt Går Bra will invite people to reflect on and talk about their visions for an ideal society through the exhibition, interviews, reading groups and a “School of Rhetoric”.

The exhibition, “Historic Banners and Photographs of Local Public Assemblies”, has been developed in collaboration with the City Museum of Levanger and Levanger Photo Museum. On Wednesday, June 13th, Professor Nina Volckmar from NTNU will hold a lecture on the history of banners.


Program 9th to 17th of June: 

June 9th, 13.00
Exhibition opening – “The Norwegian Ideal State”
“Historical Banners and Photographs of Local Public Assemblies” is also a part of the project and has been put together in collaboration with the City Museum of Levanger and Levanger Photo Museum.

Opening hours daily from 14.00-19.00

June 13th, 18.00
“In the Service of Nation Building. School Banners as Research Material.”
A lecture by Professor Nina Volckmar from NTNU, in collaboration with the City Museum of Levanger and Levanger Photo Museum.

June 15th, 18.00-18.40
Presentation of the exhibition and the program as part of Kulturuka’s ‘Art Walk’ program.


Daily, June 10th – 17th, 14.00-16.00: Guided tour of the exhibition. Here you can discover paintings based on conversations with people about their visions for a better society. You will also learn more about the story and the symbols behind the project. Sketches and models by architecture students who have worked with Alt Går Bra to make suggestions on how to use the park outside LevArt as an assembly site will also be shown as part of the exhibition. The students are from Paris La Villette School of Architecture (ENSAPLV), Paris, France and Bergen Architecture School (BAS), Bergen.

Daily, June 10th – 17th, 16.00-17.00: Personal interviews with people about their visions for a better society in connection to a survey. Perhaps your dream will be recreated as a painting.

Daily, June 10th – 17th, 17.00-18.00: “School of Rhetoric”
The old discipline of rhetoric is used as a tool to understand the discussions surrounding us today.

Daily, June 10th – 17th, 18.00-19.00: Reading Group
Plato’s ‘Republic’ is still one of the main references to discuss what a fair society is. Here you can join in to read parts of this salient text with the artists.

The artists will be present throughout Kulturuka. All are welcome!

Thank you to the Levanger Art Association for their premises to exhibit “Historical Banners and Photographs of Local Public Assemblies”

“The Norwegian Ideal State” is a project initiated by artist group Alt Går Bra (Tout Va Bien) and will take place in five towns across Norway. The project is based on Plato’s ‘Republic’, which becomes a starting point for the visions of a better future for the Norwegian society. In Levanger, the project is part of ‘PARK.’ – a long term initiative by LevArt against the backdrop of the municipality’s decision to transform the old schoolyard around LevArt’s premises into a new public park. Since September 2017 Alt Går Bra have initiated a series of surveys and meetings with people in Levanger. “The Norwegian Ideal State” will conclude with a public assembly from 7th – 9th September 2018. Meanwhile, the project is manifesting physically as a meeting place in the becoming-park; like a Greek agora, a “space of appearance”, for oconversations and discussions. Thus, the artists gesture to the park as a potential center for the city’s artistic, spiritual and political life.

Alt Går Bra​ is a group of visual artists researching the intersections between art and politics through exhibitions, performances, discursive events, and publications. Since 2015, they have conducted and produced an extensive series of events, readings, performances, lectures, studies and publications, including the ongoing international lecture program Tout Va Bien series in collaboration with Bergen Kunsthall / Landmark from 2015, and the publications The Mimeograph, A Tool for Radical Art and Political Contestation and A Moi le Plaire, a Toi le Faire in 2016.

“The Norwegian Ideal State” has received financial support from Fritt Ord, Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, KORO-URO, Levanger municipality and Hordaland county.