At any given moment – Edvine Larssen




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At any given
moment is an artist-book and a retelling of a durational piece from the diverse perspectives of actual participants, as well as the guides acting in the piece; thus exploring the format of the book as another space of enquiry and as an art piece in it´s own right. At any given moment is a part of Edvine Larssen’s Artistic Research Project: Theatrical, but not theatre. Architectonic, but not architecture. Sculptural, but not sculpture. 
What 間[Ma] does, or what 間[Ma] could do. – As a travelling concept journeying through a series of site bound artworks made for disparate spaces in Norway 2013 – 2016.

Edvine Larssen (Born Mosjøen 1977) is an artist currently based at Stokkøya and Trondheim.
Her practice hovers between the theatrical and the architectonic, often manifested as large scale installations. Time as well as space, are actual materials in her solidly site-bound practice as an artist. Edvine Larssen is currently a research fellow at Trondheim Art Academy NTNU. Larssen has recently made site-bound works at; Tromsø Kunstforening (2016), SALT (2015), Trondheim international festival for performative arts (2015), LevArt (2014).


First Edition 2016
Text and images copyright © Edvine Larssen,
This edition copyright © LevArt
Printed in 2016 by Elanders Sweden
Paper quality: MultiDesign, Gmund Colors Transparent  Font: Minion Pro
Edition: 300 copies
ISBN 978-82-690297-1-0
Design: Joana Bruno in close collaboration with the artist, Edvine Larssen, and publisher, Anne-Gro Erikstad.
Translations and text layout: the artist. Proof-reading: Simon Harvey.
Photographs (above ground): Einar Faret Saastad. Photographs (below ground): Siv-Hilde Meen.
Published by LevArt with support from The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme.