Gulbygget sett fra Kirkegata

Photo: LevArt/ E.F.Saastad, “Gulbygget”, Kirkegt. 11.


LevArt is a non-profit operation which initiates and facilitates contemporary art projects. Projects can take many different forms, such as exhibitions, workshops, seminars and art productions in public, private or semi-private spaces. Gulbygget, a former school in the centre of Levanger, houses LevArt’s project room and exhibition spaces. In addition to these premises, LevArt uses different sites and contexts for its productions, both in Levanger and elsewhere.

LevArt aims to create meaningful and inspiring encounters with art in and outside of Levanger, offering artists and curators a space for exploring ideas and conducting artistic and curatorial research. LevArt endorses contemporary art as an integral component in the shaping of a civil society.

LevArt started as a project at the cultural council of the municipality of Levanger. Today, LevArt is organized as an independent operation within the cultural council, including a part-time director post financed by the municipality. Each project involves collaboration with different partners. Read more about LevArt-New Art productions 2005–2007 here.


LevArt would like to thank the following for project support:


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