Sub City

15. September – 3. October

Cathrine Dahl og Ørjan Aas


Sub City consists of a series of posters with black & white drawings made in and around Levanger Town Hall. From the entrance to the building at Levanger’s main square and continuing along the entire ground floor all the way to the politicians’ meeting room, we see the posters; on trestles, fixed to the wall like a collage, and as a wall newspaper. Since the poster as an instrument for communicating complex messages has virtually disappeared from today’s urban landscape, the artists here make use of a historic medium. Contrary to the simplified language of propaganda and advertising, Sub City presents a multifaceted and at times phantasmagorical narrative, in which recognizable fragments of
architecture and urban history are mixed with utopian visions and subjective fantasy images. Two of the posters – Sunrise and Ladder, presented on the front page of the website and as the poster image for Deep Sites, are in direct reference to a statement by the Director for Cultural Heritage in Norway, that Levanger once again shall shine like a ruby.
Working as a team, Cathrine Dahl and Ørjan Aas produce graphics, usually woodcuts, based on drawings they also collaborate on. The basis of their work is rooted in the constant changes that take place around us: the symbioses of nature, history and architecture, layer upon layer of things that areshaped through retelling and time. The presentation is fragmented, often in the form of moving images, sequences, series and comic strip frames. Their collaborative effort results in unexpected detours, and previous works are frequently re-used and cast into a new form that further elaborates on the various elements and ideas. Both artists have participated in a large number of solo (duo) and group exhibitions
in Norway as well as abroad. In 2014, this has included the ‘Queen Sonja Art Award’ at the Norwegian Printmakers Gallery in Oslo and Waldemarsudde in Stockholm, a traveling exhibition of graphic art in Brazil, organized by the Norwegian Consulate and showing at the Pinacoteca, Sao Paulo, the Museo Oscar Niemeyer, Curitima, and the Instituto Ricardo Brennand, Recife), as well as the annual Norwegian Autumn Exhibition in Oslo.