At Any Given Moment

7. – 20. September

Edvine Larssen




Distance created by stones

unknown hands
lays lifts


Head bends, body bows
Upright I stand, my body rooted in another time



Edvine Larssen’s work At Any Given Moment does not present us with a narrative account of lost historical material. Instead, we are invited to an individual experience by dramaturgical means.

At Any Given Moment takes place both above ground in the present, and as an encounter with two historic spaces below street level. The vaulted cellars and their history emerge as the material itself, and the viewer becomes an active participant who, using her senses and ability to reflect, is asked to complete the experience and hence the work in her own imagination, based on individual references. At Any Given Moment can only be experienced alone, accompanied by a guide. This allows Larssen to create a kind of pocket in time that will never be experienced or perceived by more than one person at the same time. The audience is encouraged to reflect while encountering a condensed staging.

At Any Given Moment flows like a metaphorical undercurrent through Deep Sites for the entire period of the project. Larssen uses strong literary references by introducing a guide who literally leads us down into the underworld.

As a research fellow in the Norwegian programme for artistic research/KIT, NTNU, Larssen is questioning how working with disparate spaces and places can create disparate artworks and experiences for the viewer by allowing the space and the artwork to become merged into one singular unit. Larssen is also researching the boundaries between the sculptural, the theatrical and the architectonic. In At Any Given Moment she has worked with two stone vault cellars in Levanger. Hardly any documentation or knowledge exists about these, in their time highly complex constructions. Edvine Larssen has recently made site bound works on a large scale for Trøndelag senter for samtidskunst (2013), Nordnorsk kunstnersenter (2012), and Tromsø Kunstforening (2011).



Concept and project development: Edvine Larssen
Text and direction: Edvine Larssen
Lighting design: Edvine Larssen and Trond Walleraunet
Lighting engineer: Trond Walleraunet
Outfits for guides: Edvine Larssen

Guides: Ylva Almås Haugan, Hanna Fauske and Bernt Garten Galtrud


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Photographs (above ground): Einar Faret Saastad. Photographs (below ground): Siv-Hilde Meen






Photo: Siv Hilde Meen